Przemysław Maciołek

My name is Przemek Maciołek. Very early, I discovered that photography, like any art, is all about emotions. The goal of a good picture is to stimulate a set of feelings on the viewer. The website contains an arbitrary selection of my photographs.

While I understand that an objective photography cannot exist, i.e. the choice of perspective, light, framing, even exposure has a tremendous effect on the final picture, I do what I consider a very limited amount of editing to my pictures.

I mostly use medium format and large format film cameras, but I am no longer strict about it and sometimes I leverage digital or 35mm.

There are several other places where my projects live on their own. If you like my work, I recommend checking following:

If you would like to contact me, just shoot me an email at
If I ever made a picture of you on the street and gave you my card, I will be happy to provide you with the print.